About Coaliving

’Coaliving’ is a brand new co-living concept inspired by the history of the mining Cité in Eisden Maasmechelen. A place where community & diversity thrives. A place where the feeling of being home is mostly felt when shared.




In a world where we see loneliness increasing due to the individualization of our society, we are convinced that concepts such as co-living can make a difference. It is our nature to live with and amongst people, to form communities.

Co-living invites us to connect with the environment. To learn from each other and support each other, in order to build sustainable futures for places and the people living there.


’Coaliving’ is inspired by the history of the mining cité in Eisden Maasmechelen.

We've translated its positive aspects and progressive qualities regarding diversity & community, into a co-living concept. A concept that aims to contribute to a multicultural society through an innovative way of living.

We've built our vision for Coaliving around 5 cornerstones:




The seeds of our story were planted in the city gardens of Eisden Maasmechelen, back in 1946. The year in which the construction of a big lodge was completed, to house Italian mineworkers.

The Lodge was built in the city gardens, now also known as the Cité, of Maasmechelen. The whole idea of those city gardens was to create homes, in a beautiful neighborhood, for the mineworkers and their families. A place that would compensate for the hard work in the mines.
Source historical photos: vzw Stichting Erfgoed Eisden
The same philosophy was applied to the lodge, where men who came alone were accommodated. The residents had a private bedroom but all other facilities were communal spaces. So besides sleeping, they basically shared everything. They ate together, washed together, hung out together & most of all, they worked together. 
Over the years, all kinds of people from different cultures, countries and layers of society, flocked together in the ‘cité’. Sure thing, life wasn't always easy but they had this 'we're all in this together’ mentality. A strong sense of community that made it an exceptional place to live. Something that can still be felt to this day.


In the 1980s after the mines were closed, the lodge got a different purpose. When in 2010, the building became the project of a mother with her four children, they added new values to the building. They wanted it to become a place where all people would be welcome. People who were in the midst of a (re)integration process, people who were searching for their place in this world, and people who were short on budget. Unfortunately, this came to an abrupt end when in 2018, due to a heavy fire, the entire building was declared uninhabitable.



It’s the history of the place that shows us the heart of the place. In honor of that, we decided to breathe new life into the building. According to the past, but with an eye for the needs of today’s society, we rebuilt not only the infrastructure but also designed a brand-new coliving concept.

A concept inspired by the roots of the cité in Maasmechelen. A place where community & diversity thrives. A place where the feeling of being home is mostly felt when shared.