An urban concept surrounded by nature, located between church and mosque and based on a cultural heritage site. Coaliving is without a doubt unique in its kind because of the neighborhood it’s situated in: The heart of the mining Cité in Maasmechelen.


To explore



A couple of blocks from Coaliving, in the heart of the city gardens, there's a museum called: 'The museum of the miner's home'. it gives a very clear representation of life back when the mines were still open. We highly recommend visiting! 

Website 'The museum of the miner's home'


We're located right next to the National park Hoge Kempen, the only national park in Belgium. With its 12000ha of nature and a 440km network of walking and cycling routes, this is an absolute treat if you like to roam around in nature!

Website National Park

Around the corner

Literally, everything is just around the corner. Restaurants where you can taste flavors from home countries. Supermarkets, the movie theater and shopping paradise: 'Maasmechelen Village'. The Terhills nature park where also wellness center 'Elaisa' is located. And interesting for families with children, schools and the art academy are all within bike and even walking distance! 

Website Maasmechelen Village


Maasmechelen is situated only 20km from Maastricht, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of The Netherlands. If you're into history and architecture you're going to love this city with its astonishing buildings. If you like strolling around to soak up the city life, Maastricht will not disappoint you. There are cozy coffee bars and delicious restaurants on every corner of every street. A rich history AND a young and vibrant feel, best of both worlds we're telling ya! 

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